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Who We Are

Seaforest is an energetic and stable-developed enterprise.

  • Seaforest advocates being healthy, striving to practice Beauty, Justice, Audacity, Honour, Joy, Fecundity, Progress and Peace, those eight sports spirits was proposed by Coubertin, the Father of Modern Olympic.
  • Seaforest advocates being responsible, bearing the industrial responsibilities to establish the environment of fair competition, bearing the social responsibilities to produce more job opportunities, bearing the client responsibilities to create beauty continuously.
  • Seaforest advocates being harmonious, we take strivers as orientation, teamwork as motivation, and technological advances as approach, to build a capable fleet which could move forward in stormy sea.
  • Seaforest advocates being excellent, believing the best way to foresee the future is to create it personally.
  • Seaforest is keeping enterprising spirit with humble attitude and great learning ability, making one percent of progress every day is very important for us.

We appreciate the support from our customers, counterparts, and other aspects to help us realize the great development.

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