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Crafting Dreams for 21 Years - Successful Conclusion of the Anniversary Celebration of Seaforest IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd.

Date: Dec 12 ,2023 Return List

In the past 21 years, we witnessed the transformation of Qingdao, a port city with a unique style, as it leaped to become an open, modern, and fashionable international metropolis. Nestled and thriving in Qingdao, Seaforest IMP. & EXP. Co., Ltd. has long evolved into a diversified modern enterprise, seamlessly integrating research, development, production, and sales. On November 19, 2023, a lively and ceremonious anniversary celebration, themed as a fun sports festival, took place at the "Tiāngāng International Table Tennis Exchange Center." Over the past 21 years, amidst challenges and innovations, Seaforest team has joyously gathered to collectively witness this heartwarming and ceremonious anniversary event, celebrating the company's growth.


As employees entered the venue, eye-catching display boards and meticulously arranged main venues greeted them, providing a perfect backdrop for group photos and setting the lively atmosphere for the anniversary celebration.

Eight teams, comprising over a hundred Seaforest employees, showcased their unity and spirit with synchronized steps, powerful slogans, and diverse formations during the team parade.


The ping pong tournament, serving as the prelude to the anniversary celebration, kicked off with team captains showcasing their skills and rallying their teammates to set the stage on fire.

In addition to the ping pong tournament, a diverse array of team events such as ping pong relay races, One Lap to the End, group rope jumping, and synchronized drumming were featured. A single hemp rope connected unity and perseverance, turning each competition into a focal point that brought hearts and strengths together. These contests not only provided employees with an opportunity to unwind and foster communication but also showcased everyone's determined and upwardly-mobile spirit. We firmly believe in the supremacy of team strength over individual prowess. The competitive spirit displayed on the field will serve as a catalyst, propelling our work forward as an "ignition booster." With heightened enthusiasm, robust physicality, and an invigorated sense of determination, the Seaforest team is poised to sprint towards the upcoming challenges in production and operations.


Following the conclusion of the competitions, a carnival of activities commenced, including pitching horseshoes, ring tossing, handicrafts, and kicking shuttlecocks. After the intensity of the competitions, employees engaged in a new round of enjoyable games, immersing themselves in joy and camaraderie as if time stood still.


As the ping pong tournament came to a close, the exciting results were announced! The "Bie Cha Dui," "Er Yi Dui," and "Xiao Fei Dui" teams secured awards through their outstanding performances. Chairman Sun Luzheng, Vice General Manager Liu Zhibin, and General Manager Li Jia Qingdao Guanghua Environmental Technology Co., Ltd) presented the awards to the winning teams. Winning honors is not just about glory; it's about building confidence. We hope that in future work and life, the Seaforest team will continue to forge ahead with unwavering determination.


After the awards ceremony, employees gathered to listen to the heartfelt words and songs of senior colleagues. From their twenties to thirties, they collectively reminisced about the efforts and struggles, expressing gratitude for everyone's contributions. New employees showcased Seaforest's evolving identity, and from the statement "Growth is a continuous process of being broken and reshaped," we anticipate that the future Seaforest will continue to overcome challenges and navigate towards its dreams.

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Through determined exploration, 21 years have yielded fruitful results! Chairman Sun Luzheng shared the company's growth journey with the employees. "Health, responsibility, agility, and excellence" have been Seaforest's secret weapons for rapid development, from inception to becoming a major player in the global market. From Africa to Japan, from the United States to Canada, Seaforest has steadfastly paved its way, daring to be a pioneer. In the future, Seaforest will focus on upgrading research and development capabilities, innovating products, and building a high-end industrial chain, constantly preparing for the next 20 years.

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As the speech concluded, the vibrant Seaforest team, in high spirits, took the stage with rhythmic steps. With the most beautiful melodies, dazzling dances, and sweet cakes, we concluded the Seaforest 21st-anniversary celebration, leaving unforgettable memories for everyone.

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Acknowledging the subtle power of time, 21 years brought us together due to boundless passion and a shared direction, growing into each other's closest allies. In the future, let's continue to run towards our dreams, bringing about small yet beautiful changes to the world. On the road to the next 20 years, let us ride the waves and traverse mountains and rivers together!

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