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Shaping the Industry's New Standards: The 2023 China-Japan-Korea Eyelash Industry Development Forum Held Grandly in Pingdu

Date: Oct 25 ,2023 Return List


Forging Industry Standards Together, Discussing the Beauty Economy in Unison

On October 12, 2023, the 18th China International Nail and Eyelash Expo (CNE) was held in Pingdu, Qingdao, China. This grand event saw the participation of nearly ten thousand professionals, including eyelash and nail manufacturers, distributors, educational and training institutions, and service providers from around the world and across the nation. It stands as one of the most authoritative and significant professional gatherings in the "nail and eyelash industry" in China, making outstanding contributions to the international image of the industry, skill development, professional standards, business networking, and career growth.

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During the event, distinguished guests, including association presidents and experts from China, Japan, and South Korea, participated in the 2023 China-Japan-Korea Eyelash Industry Development Forum and the Industry Standard Promotion Conference for Eyelash Extension Products. These guests collectively discussed and exchanged ideas on the standardization of the Asian eyelash industry and cooperative development models.

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Empowering the industry and fostering its growth, industry leaders from various countries shared their unique insights and perspectives based on their rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience. Mr. Sun Luzheng, Chairman of the Board of SeaForest Group, was invited to participate in this forum. He, along with other attendees, discussed the significance of "branding as an essential factor in shaping the industry's image" and presented innovative ideas such as "building strong brands, enhancing product competitiveness, nurturing consumer loyalty, and driving the industry towards depth and innovation."


Furthermore, SeaForest's eyelash brand, Mei Mu Shi Lan, also made a notable appearance at the event, introducing its best-selling products from major e-commerce platforms, such as "Sandwich Barbie," "Mischievous Spirit," and "Heavenly Sweet Beans." These product lines received significant attention and appreciation from a multitude of attendees for their remarkable features, including resistance to deformation, durability, and ease of use.

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As a member unit of the China Hair Products Standardization Technical Committee and a member of the China Hair Products Standardization Technical Committee's Eyelash Enhancement Working Group, SeaForest will continue to contribute to the improvement of industry standards in the product sector. We aim to provide new impetus for the development of the Asian eyelash industry.