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Seaforest Corporation's Charity Donation Ceremony unfolded with grace and magnificence within the precincts of the Pingdu Economic

Date: Jul 25 ,2023 Return List

In depths of sentiment, emotions flow. Warm love, a river's gentle, tender show. Streams converge with hearts as their guide, An ocean of kindness, together they bide. On the 25th of July, Seaforest Corporation's Charity Donation Ceremony unfolded with grace and magnificence within the precincts of the Pingdu Economic Development Zone. The event bore witness to the esteemed presence of Sun Xiuzhe, Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Director of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone; Jiao Zonghui, Member of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee; Sun Luzheng, Chairman of Seaforest Corporation; Senior Partner Ma Yanliang; Deputy General Manager Liu Zhibin; and Board Secretary Yan Qifeng, amongst a constellation of distinguished luminaries.

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Director Sun Xiuzhe, on behalf of the Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone, extended heartfelt gratitude for Seaforest Corporation's benevolent acts and unwavering support toward the economic and social development of the Pingdu Economic Development Zone. He underscored the significance of philanthropic endeavors as a public good that benefits society, embodies traditional Chinese virtues, and stands as a pivotal emblem of societal advancement. The benevolent deeds executed by Seaforest Corporation radiate a profound love and benevolence that places humanity at its core. The Management Committee of the Economic Development Zone is committed to prudently managing and effectively utilizing charitable funds, strictly adhering to all regulations, ensuring the provision of charitable services, safeguarding transparency in information dissemination, and implementing rigorous oversight and management. This commitment will be harmoniously aligned with the unique needs of our region, thereby propelling the innovation and high-quality development of public welfare initiatives.

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Chairman Sun Luzheng articulated that for enterprises to realize enduring growth, they must shoulder increasing social responsibilities. Seaforest Corporation, bearing a name evoking the vastness of the ocean, embodies an enterprise characterized by responsibility, dedication, and compassion. Since its inception, the company has steadfastly adhered to the guiding ethos of "never forget the source when drinking from the stream," consistently harmonizing its philanthropic endeavors with the resonating chords of corporate development. Philanthropy, it must be emphasized, marks a humble beginning, for love knows no bounds. Seaforest Corporation perceives this donation event as a golden opportunity to enhance collaboration and exchange with Pingdu. Grounded in the support of the Pingdu Municipal Party Committee and Municipal Government, the corporation will persistently augment its corporate capabilities, thereby making an even greater contribution toward the realization of Pingdu's high-quality economic and societal development.

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In a touching moment at the ceremony, Seaforest Corporation generously donated one hundred thousand yuan to the Pingdu Municipal Charity Federation. These funds will be directed toward fostering public welfare endeavors within the Pingdu Economic Development Zone, encompassing areas such as emergency response, public awareness campaigns, education and pedagogy, park greening initiatives, and assistance for disadvantaged workers. Subsequently, Director Sun Xiuzhe presented Chairman Sun Luzheng with a Certificate of Donation.


As the gentle rivulets converge, they amass into a mighty river; as collective strengths harmonize, an unwavering unity emerges. In the forthcoming days, Seaforest Corporation shall continue its unwavering commitment and active engagement in public welfare and philanthropic undertakings, thereby rendering tangible, heartfelt gratitude to society.

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