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Warmly Celebrate The Success of the Foundation-Laying Ceremony of Juancheng Seaforest Hair Products Industrial Park

Date: Feb 14 ,2023 Return List

On February 14th, Juancheng County held its spring key project launching event, encompassing multiple fields including high-end hair products, biomedicine, new energy, and new materials. With its new industrial formats, large investment intensity, and strong driving force, this event serves as a powerful engine for Juancheng to accelerate the construction of a new strong industrial county and achieve leapfrog development. For many years, Seaforest Holdings Group has been deeply involved in Juancheng, owning three mature production factories and achieving industry excellence in hair product quality. The launch of the Juancheng SeaForest Hair Product Industrial Park project is a milestone for the development of Seaforest Group, with far-reaching impacts.


Vice Chairman of the Political Consultative Conference of Juancheng County, Sun Xiaoli, Secretary of the Party Committee of Zhengying Town, Juancheng County, Liu Chaozheng, and Chairman of Seaforest Holdings Group, Sun Luzheng, and other leaders and guests attended the groundbreaking ceremony. They jointly wielded golden shovels and lifted soil to lay the foundation for the project.


Secretary Liu Chaozheng delivered the first speech, congratulating the smooth start of the project. He believed that the construction of the Seaforest Product Industry Park project in Juancheng would accelerate the high-quality development of the local industry. As the investment promotion unit, we will create a favorable environment for project construction with the most sincere attitude, the most pragmatic style, and the most efficient service.

Chairman Sun Luzheng expressed sincere thanks to the leaders who have always cared about and supported the development of Seaforest. He gave a brief report on the scale, capacity, and tax contribution of the product industry park project, and promised to scientifically schedule, efficiently promote, strictly control quality, create high-quality products, strengthen safety responsibility, and achieve safety goals during the project construction process. The construction of the Juancheng Seaforest Product Industry Park will undoubtedly accelerate its pace, create a new image, and achieve new performance in the future, actively contributing to the economic development of Juancheng County.


Vice Chairman Sun Xiaoli said that the start of the Juancheng Seaforest Product Industry Park project will open up a new era of innovative development for the county's advantageous industries. It is just the right time and opportunity to promote the upgrading and development of the product industry with strong momentum.

Juancheng Seaforest Hair Products Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Qingdao Seaforest Holdings Group. The products industrial park project aims to build a standardized production base, expand production capacity, and enhance the supply chain flexibility of the Seaforest Group. This will provide a strong production capacity guarantee for the growing international market demand and the rapidly emerging domestic market demand. It will also efficiently meet the needs of large-scale high-end customers and consolidate Seaforest Group's advantageous position in the products industry.

The new project covers an area of 46,000 square meters, with a building area of approximately 47,000 square meters, including production plants, warehouses, office buildings, and new R&D workshops. After completion, it will have an annual production capacity of 1.2 million hair extensions, hairpieces, and hair weaves, with a maximum production value of 500 million yuan. It is expected to contribute more than 20 million yuan in taxes to Juancheng County and provide employment opportunities for more than 500 people.


Amidst the river's race and flow, the determined oarsman leads the show. A thousand sails compete and strive, the bravest one will come alive. Now Seaforest Group sets its sight, to unite its people with all its might, with steadfast faith and courage bold, they'll create a future yet untold. Their spirits high, their wills unbroken, with every step, a brighter token.