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Seaforest 20th Anniversary Celebration Events

Date: Nov 28 ,2022 Return List

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the company, to promote the company culture, and to facilitate communication and collaboration among employees, Seaforest Group implemented a series of events this October and November.


Event 1: The fun games were held in the factory. The factory employees formed two teams in different workshops and had balls transporting and wooden rulers relay race.



Event2: Jumping rope competition. The competition was held in several playgrounds simultaneously to ensure the participation of each colleague. The competition stipulates that in the three-minute-long competition, the number of interruptions of participants in the process of rope jumping cannot exceed the number of rope jumping, and each interruption time does not exceed three seconds.



Event 3: The long-distance running and Frisbee races were held at the beach. The long-distance running race was set for 5km, 7km, and 14km respectively. The Frisbee competition consisted of four teams participating in three fun competitions.


Event 4: 20th Anniversary Cake Party. President Stanley started the event with his 20th-anniversary speech, followed by speeches from employees with over 10 years of working experience and employees who joined this year. Then everyone shared the cake and took group pictures together.

The development of Seaforest throughout the 20 years cannot be achieved without the efforts of every employee, the trust of every customer, and the support of every partner. We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude! Every day in the future, Seaforest will continue to uphold the spirit of "health, responsibility, agility and excellence", continuous improvement and innovation, to provide customers with better products and services and create greater value for society.