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President, Stanley Sun - Qingdao Industrial Leading Entrepreneur 2021

Date: Dec 24 ,2021 Return List

Stanley Sun, President of Qingdao Seaforest Hair Products Co., Ltd., has been elected as one of the Qingdao industrial leading entrepreneurs in 2021 for his extraordinary contribution to wigs with shape memory function, Qingdao Science and Technology Bureau announced on Dec 23rd, 2021.


The program is aiming at fully implementing innovation-driven development strategy, pushing forward industrial leadership plan and building home for high-level talents with passion and innovation. For all the projects participating in the application, its scientific or technological achievement not only has to be leading domestically with independent innovation, but also corresponds with the directions that government’s dedicated to, embracing a promising prospect of industrialization.


Under Stanley Sun’s captaincy, all Seaforesters are committed to exploring the international market demand and improving the product development and innovation continuously. For 19 years, Seaforest has found our own distinctive path to balanced growth, being one of giants on the forefront with leading technological prowess and market share nowadays.