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Qingdao Beauty Linking Hair Products Co.,Ltd. Has Been Selected As A Potential Enterprise of New Economy in Qingdao

Date: Feb 03 ,2023 Return List

On February 1st, 2023, the Development and Reform Commission of Qingdao announced the completion of the 2022 Qingdao New Economic Potential List. Qingdao Beauty Linking Hair  Products Co.,Ltd. a subsidiary of Qingdao Seaforest Holding Group Co., Ltd. was selected for its outstanding performance in new technology, new industries, new business models, and new modes.


Qingdao places a high emphasis on the development of the new economy and considers it a key breakthrough in promoting industrial transformation. The city is accelerating the cultivation and introduction of new economy enterprises that are high-growing, professionally specialized, innovative, and have great potential. The goal is to continuously expand the lineup of Qingdao's new economy enterprises. With the support of favorable policies, Qingdao Rongmei Hair Products Group Co., Ltd is forging ahead by incorporating the essence of aesthetics in its sincerity, gathering strength with a kind heart, creating excellence through innovative wisdom, and leading the industry towards the future with a perfect vision.


Eternity is engraved in time and achievement is forever. In 2023, Beauty Linking will stand on a new stage of development, build a new pattern of development, and work hard and steadfastly.


Activating "new" power on the production side: Six existing production factories in Qingdao and Heze are strengthening technological research and development, promoting lean production, and improving quality and efficiency. A flexible production strategy is being used to create a flexible supply chain. Construction of new factories is being accelerated, capacity is being expanded, and scale efficiency is being improved.


Cultivating "new" fashion on the market side: Based on stabilizing the basic plate of foreign trade business, the company is fully deploying its domestic market. Starting from the top-level brand strategy, the company is empowering product innovation and driving the landing of the industrial chain. The value proposition of "beauty is the spiritual power that nourishes the mind" is being conveyed, leading the life attitude of "beauty is freedom - being beautiful for yourself, starting from the head".


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