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The First Seaforest "Excellence Cup" Bleaching and Dyeing Artisan Competition

Date: Sep 29 ,2022 Return List

On September 29, 2022, the first Seaforest "Excellence Cup" bleaching and dyeing artisan competition, which lasted for eight days and involved five teams across two regions of Heze and Qingdao, was successfully completed.


The precise dosage of pharmaceuticals, the strict control of bleaching temperature, time and PH value, and the meticulous blending of dyes, etc., of each operation, is the pursuit of excellence. The pursuit of "craftsmanship" is reflected in the corporate culture advocated by Seaforest: health, responsibility, agility, and excellence. Excellence comes from each employee of each position who continuously improves creative work to do better. No success can be achieved overnight. What is behind the wonderful moments shown in the artisan competition is the years of hard work by the artisans of Seaforest.


The inheritance of artisan skills relies on assistance from skilled masters. Excellent work skills can be passed on, developed, and improved to generations according to the inheritance of skilled masters. During the competition, new employees were organized to observe and learn. And the expert judges were there to answer the questions. The new employees reinforced fundamental skills, remedied mistakes, found shortages, and improved professional skills by combining the on-site case explanations and their own working content.


To ensure the fairness and rigor of the competition, the expert judges discussed the evaluation criteria repeatedly before the competition. In the scoring stage, the judges scored the works without knowing the corresponding team under the witness of the organizing committee. The judges scored based on the efficiency, color difference, color fastness, hair quality, the yield of the primary product, cuticle-aligned hair effect, and knot situations as reference.


At the wrap-up and share meeting, the expert judges, representatives of award-winning teams, and award-winning individuals shared valuable experiences respectively. President Stanley Sun stated that lean innovation is the cornerstone of the company's healthy and sustainable development. Everyone has to find his or her “standing point” in this era that is rapidly changing and full of challenges. Never forget the original intention, remember to pursue excellence, dare to innovate, never be satisfied with the existing achievements, and never stop at the current state. Always strive for a higher, better, and more refined direction. And perform the exquisite skills that “others cannot do” with continuous refinement and breakthroughs in the profession.